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Francais, Programme d’immersion

Merton School is a French Immersion school. This means that for Kindergarten all instruction is in the French language following the appropriate guidelines of the QEP (Quebec Education Program). In Cycle 1 (grades 1 and 2), 150 minutes a week of ELA are provided, which include the Ethics and Religious Culture Program.

In Cycles 2 and 3 (grades 3 to 6) the academic program is more or less divided equally between English and French. Language Arts, Mathematics and Science are taught in English. For these levels also, the QEP is followed.

Parents are encouraged to support and enrich the school program by providing the children with every opportunity to use French in the community, through extra-curricular activities, or in the home through the appropriate and supervised use of media. Activities which broaden the child’s knowledge and understanding of the French language and of Quebec culture support the success of our program.

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