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Professional Services

Professional services provided by the English Montreal School Board for students and families:

Speech and Language Services

A speech and language pathologist is available to evaluate, diagnose and treat students with a variety of problems including articulation, language delays, learning disabilities, stuttering, and speech disorders.

Psychological Services

(one day per week)

A child psychologist is assigned to the school on a 1 day per week basis. His/her principle task is to facilitate the adaptive and developmental functions of the child within the school context and beyond.

Spiritual and Community Involvement

The spiritual community animator develops and implements programs or activities of a community, humanitarian, spiritual and religious nature. He or she also provides information and guidance to staff, parents, and students with respect to religious beliefs and needs in terms of spiritual life and community involvement.

Occupational Therapy

(as required by the school)

The occupational therapist works with parents and/or caregivers and others to assess if a student has difficulties with practical, gross and fine motor skills, and recommends appropriate strategies in order to maximise the student’s potential when carrying out activities of daily living.

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At the English Montreal School Board we are proud to provide professional services for students and families:

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Support services for a healthy student community.

Our schools are not only for academic learning, but for emotional intelligence, health and social growth. The EMSB offers academic guidance, counselling, physical health and social support through our Student Services Department and with our university, hospital and social services partners.

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