Learning, Growth, Respect, Responsibility, Community.


Our Mission and Vision

Our mission at Merton School is to provide a safe and supportive learning environment which celebrates diversity and promotes cooperation and mutual respect. Our goal is to help children grow to become responsible, capable and engaged citizens of their school, their community and the world.

Guiding Values


Community: We create cooperative and collaborative partnerships that become a web of support for all of us. We see ourselves as important parts of a larger whole.

Learning: We pursue knowledge and understanding in all its forms. We approach the world and people with a curious, open mind.

Personal Growth: We promote the physical, mental and social health and well-being of every person. We make efforts to improve ourselves in every way and to realize our full potential.

Respect: We make an effort to understand different perspectives and treat each other in inclusive, compassionate ways that protect every person’s dignity.

Responsibility: We are each held accountable for our learning, our actions and our words. We share responsibility for the quality of our school environment.

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