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Standards and Procedures

Standards and Procedures are official documents pertaining to the evaluation of student learning. They provide a summary of the evaluation criteria for each subject, and the period during which exams are scheduled. Standards and procedures are updated at the beginning of the school year by teachers and approved by the school principal.

KindergartenPascale Nizri Lallouz
KindergartenAngela Serenco
Grade 1Heidi Loerick
Grade 1Nathalie Faviere
Grade 2Bianca Coverini
Grade 2Judith Haziza
Grade 3Cindy Norman
Grade 3Mélanie Rioux
Grade 4Sylvia Brandao
Grade 4Angeliki Eftaxias
Grade 5Janet Rodger
Grade 5Nathalie Beauregard
Grade 5-BilingualLara Girvan
Grade 6Georgia Gotsis
Grade 6Audrée Anne Dupont
Physical Education & Health
  • Tania Siconolfi
  • Juan Esteban Maldonado Segura
ELASheree Gouldson
ResourceKimberley Davey 
Science & TechnologyDebbie Adams
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